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Daniels Gold & Wisemen LLC is a snack and beverage vending machine company delivering services to establishments across Oakland, California. We install and maintain all vending machines at no cost to your business.


At Daniels Gold & Wisemen, we are committed to providing our valued clients with convenience and high-quality product options. We recognize the diverse preferences of individuals, which is why our expansive range of products is designed to cater to all tastes and needs. We have something to satisfy every craving, from healthful options like granola bars to indulgent pleasures like chips and candy bars. Additionally, our beverage assortment includes bottled water, soda, juices, and energy drinks, ensuring that your team and customers remain hydrated and energized throughout the day. Furthermore, we take pride in offering personal care items to enhance the convenience we provide, making sure that essential products are readily available when needed.
Customer happiness is our top priority, and we take great pride in maintaining the best vending machine standards. Our machines, which have been fitted with cutting-edge technology, ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. We perform routine maintenance and always replenish our machines with new products to ensure the highest quality and service. In addition to our commitment to flexibility, exceptional customer service, and convenience, Daniels Gold & Wisemen offers the following advantages:
● Product variety.

● Superior customer care.

● Customized and thorough programs.

● Credit card reader for cashless transactions.

● Scheduled replenishment of the inventory levels.

● White glove service on machine delivery and maintenance.

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